Beginner Landscaping Tips

The landscaping you choose for your house can change the curb appeal drastically. While you may be comfortable planting your own flowers, it might be best to hire a professional for more involved projects like trimming tall trees or getting loads of bulk mulch Cincinnati.

Choosing a Landscaping Style

The landscape materials you use should be based on how much effort you want to put into taking care of your yard. If you have a green thumb, plant annuals – which need regular watering – to brighten the yard in different seasons. Mulching your flower beds with shredded wood discourages weeds and helps protect plant roots but requires yearly replenishment.

If you aren’t ready to dedicate regular time to taking care of your outdoor space, focus on low-maintenance options. Forego annuals  pick hardier perennials instead. Bushes and trees are often less delicate than flowers, but they can still make your house’s exterior more charming. Volcanic rock is a lower maintenance choice for ground cover because it doesn’t decompose or fade.

Hiring Professional Help

If your free time or budget don’t match your landscaping dreams, consider hiring experts to assist you. Professionals can help keep the project on track by taking charge. Your landscaper will help pick the best plants for the climate so you don’t get in over your head. The pros may use their contractor discount to potentially save you money. Even better, their professional-grade tools can make outdoor jobs faster and easier. You can also hire help to come for regular maintenance like fertilizing or mowing.

Investing in landscaping doesn’t just make a big visual impact. For example, the erosion of soil near a house’s foundation can lead to moisture seeping inside. Whether you go it alone or hire help, paying attention to details like this can refresh your home’s appearance and prevent bigger problems.