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How to Say I Love You Using Different Languages Worldwide

Love is universal depending on the language that you will use as it tends to have a common meaning thus it doesn’t matter in what language you use. Love is seen in all languages as a way of showing affection for other people, compassion and selflessness for other human beings. Therefore, this article will guide you in learning different ways of saying I love you from just but a few languages.

You are going to learn some of the languages used to say I love you from hundreds of African languages spoken in the continent. “Ek het jou life” is a south African translation of the words I love you. Akan is a language spoken in Ghana and Ivory Coast who translate the words I love you to mean the exact same thing by saying to another person “ME dor wo”. For the Arab countries in Africa such as Ethiopia, Egypt and Eritrea, “Ewedshalehu” is their language to say I love you in English.

In Asia, the people living in these parts also have their own languages of saying I love you and not necessarily use the English terms such as Iraq I love you terms are translated to “Ana uhibuky”. Also, another Asian country such as India has its own language of saying I love you in their own language referred to as Bengali usually spoken in Bangladesh as “Ami toma a bhalobasi” . “Ngo hoi neih” is a Cantonese spoken language used by the people living in Hong Kong part of China to mean the same as I love you. Chinese language with a population of a billion people also have their own language of saying I love you “Wo ai ni” which is also spoken in Malaysian and Singapore .

A”Jog elsker dig” is a Danish language spoken by the individuals living in Denmark which is a translation of the terms I love you. “Ik hou van je” is a Flemish language spoken in Europe by countries such as France, Netherlands and Belgium which has the same meaning with telling someone you love them. Lastly, in Europe another language spoken is French and there translation of the terms I love you are usually said as “Je t’aime.

The last continent to look at that speaks different languages is South America where there are countries like Brazil which speaks Portuguese and their translation for saying I love you is said as “Eu te mo”. Its clear that there are different languages spoken in the world and the affection shown by telling people you love them is shown equally but in different languages.

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