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pexels photo 845451Effects of DUI Criminal Records on Your Career

A lot of people in the current world think that they can just drink and drive anyhow. Once you have the DUI criminal records because you were caught driving while drunk, you will suffer great consequences. Your job will be at stake and you can easily lose it when you are caught and DUI criminal records taken on your name. Read more from this page on some of the career threats that result from DUI criminal records.

First, DUI criminal records can lead to the suspension of your driving license. Your license will be suspended for months only if it is your very first time to have DUI criminal records. When you get the DUI criminal records for subsequent times, you can stay without a license for several years. In this case, if you are a driver and here is where you earn a living from, you could have lost your career besides having criminal records.

Having DUI criminal records can easily get you out of your career especially where you are working with the ‘strictly no crime’ organizations. In the beginning you can opt to hide the situation about you being involved in a DUI case and having their criminal records but you will not manage to do that for a long time. This is because you will need off days to go for your DUI case in court. You can also realize that the court lawyers are connected to your employer and so they must let them know.

DUI criminal records will force you to change your insurance for instance where you are using an employer’s insurance policy. Many companies do not insure their employees who are charged with DUI cases hence you will be forced to change. The only option will be going for a personal insurance cover which can turn out to be so expensive and you can decide just to quite the job.

Forth, there are those careers that require a license before you can do your work. For your case you will have to miss out the opportunities in these type of companies as you will be having a DUI criminal record. In a case where you are a worker in such a company, there are high chances of your position being terminated.

Lastly, a DUI criminal record could affect your future career as most employers will require clean records of the same before they absorb you. You will be automatically be disqualified where the company realizes that you are a victim of the DUI crime.

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