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Find The Best Apartment Dogs That Are Used To Live In The City

Having a dog is one of the best ways to boost your health. According to an article by Elvis Yorkshire Terrier, there are about 44 percent of households that own a dog. In case you are worried that you will be alone in life, consider having a dog for they will surely be a great companion especially during long days of work.

It is very seldom for you to hear about apartments not allowing pets over since most of them are okay with the idea of having a pet over, and you can learn more about this if you read the article by Elvis Yorkshire Terrier. The article by Elvis Yorkshire Terrier is able to teach you how to find the right breed. Below are some of the best apartment dogs that you can get as pets since they have been well-trained to live in the city.

One of the most sociable dogs that you can have are pugs since they are also very loving. You can easily make a distinction of this breed because of their curled tail as well as their wrinkly faces.

If you are looking for a true homebody to stay with you in your apartment, you should take this dogs into consideration for they can truly bring life to your apartment. Since pugs have a tendency to become very fat, you have to be careful in feeding them with the right amount of food.

Everything You Need To Know About Bichon Frise
If you are a person with allergies, the best dog for you would be the Bichons. The reason for this is because their fur is hypoallergenic.

These dogs are small at about 9-11 inches in height only. Most of them weigh around 15 pounds. In addition to this, you need to know that this breed is usually alive for about 11 to 16 years.

It is stated in the article by Elvis Yorkshire Terrier that Bichons can learn quickly and are super friendly as well. Even if they do not need exercise, they will be happy to oblige you with a game or two in your living room since they love about everyone they meet.

What About A Greyhound?
Also included in the article by Elvis Yorkshire Terrier is the fact that greyhounds are super fast dogs that is why many of you might be having second thoughts in bringing them to your apartment. After all, because they are quick sprinters, they are known to have a speed that reaches about 40 miles per hour.

Nevertheless, even if that is their known speed, they are also considered as one of the laziest breeds there is so there is no need for you to worry that they might do some havoc in your apartment.