4 Cool Facts About Trains

Trains have been around for just over two hundred years. They are powerful locomotives that can carry a lot of weight. They can also carry all kinds of things such as people, livestock and supplies. Although they have been around for ages, they are still very intriguing to watch. If you have ever wanted to know more about trains, here are four facts that may blow your mind.

1. Trains Cover a Lot of Territory

Currently, trains use up to 150,000 miles of railroad track. When trains were first put in use, they caught on really fast. In just 20 years, 9,000 miles of tracks were built and used. 700 railroads are in use today, and most carry supplies. However, these supplies can range from automobiles to food. They are handy when carrying heavy loads.

2. Trains Use Compressed Air

Have you ever wondered how trains slow down quickly or open doors so smoothly? They use a compressed air system Jacksonville FL. Although many industries use these kinds of systems, this pressurized air makes it possible for trains to stop. Next time you hear the squeal of the breaks, you’ll understand more about how trains work.

3. Trains Changed the Civil War

Sending replacement troops and supplies used to take a lot of time and effort. Once Abraham Lincoln was able to send those troops on trains, they arrived much faster. Controlling the railroads was pivotal to the success of the armies. When the confederate railroads were sabotaged, it led to many Union successes.

Trains will continue to help the world. Today, trains are becoming more high-tech. Some countries have bullet trains that travel significantly faster. All kinds of trains are incredible. The power they have combined with the science that makes them work makes them an asset in the past, present and future.