3 Reasons To Consider an Elevated Deck


Is your property uneven or rocky, or does it slope off dramatically from the house? If so, you’ve probably never considered building a deck. However, decks don’t have to be at ground level. There are many designs for elevated decks that can work on a variety of properties. Here are three reasons you may want to consider building an elevated deck.

1. Uneven Ground

Uneven ground is one of the most common reasons to build an elevated deck. Perhaps the ground slopes down sharply. Maybe it’s rocky and not conducive to having a deck at ground level. This is when an elevated deck may be perfect. To help combat the uneven ground, there are special pedestals for the base of elevated decks. Then support beams can be attached at varying lengths to assure the finished deck will be level.

2. Below Deck Storage

A ground-level deck is nice, but the area below may go unused and is potentially wasted space. With an elevated deck, you can turn the space beneath the deck into a cohesive and very usable storage space. With a few additional boards and some PVC paneling, you can have a waterproof space for outdoor tools and accessories.

3. Visually Appealing

An elevated deck can add visual appeal to any home, whether you choose to add a simple yet stylish wooden deck or more elaborate ironwork. Each elevated deck can be designed and built to reflect the homeowners’ specific design choice. Elevated decks can be a place to entertain guests and can be designed with that in mind. Another visually appealing benefit is that it can give the homeowner an extended view of the outlying area around his or her home.

An elevated deck can offer many perks to the homeowner that can’t be achieved with a ground-level deck. Look at your space and see if an elevated deck may be right for you.