3 Effective Ways To Reduce Flood Damage at Home

Midland flooding 7 052020

A flood can have a devastating impact on your home, whether it originates from a plumbing leak, a natural disaster or location in a flood zone. While you are not always able to prevent floods, you can mitigate the damage they cause. Learn about some of the most effective methods to minimize a flood’s effects.

1. Install Preventative Devices

Today’s technology is useful for multiple reasons, including controlling or preventing a flood. Several devices can help you reach this goal. For instance, a flood sensor like a classic series watercop can detect water leaking from pipes and warn you. Some devices even shut down the main valve throughout the house, which slows down flooding. Additionally, a battery-power sump pump drives water out of the house but continues to function during an outage.

2. Apply Coatings and Sealants

Floodwater can seep through any opening in your home, no matter how small. The best way to reduce the amount of water entering the house is by applying coatings and sealants to any potential entrance. These products can be bought at most retail and hardware stores. Some of the locations where you can apply coatings and sealants include the foundation, walls, windows and doorways. Caulk and mortar can help seal any cracks on the foundation.

3. Consider the Outdoors

While the goal is to stop water from getting indoors, you also need to work outside the building to get the best results. If the landscape slopes towards your home, it can cause rainwater to pool around the area. Use soil with sand and clay to grade your lawn and redirect water away. Keep some space between mulch and the siding, since wet mulch attracts termites, which deteriorates the structure. Finally, ensure the downspouts face away from the house to prevent water from accumulating near it.

Floods can destroy your property, damage your home and even injure you or others. Take the necessary measures to reduce their impact on your property.