3 Benefits Of Having An Air Compressor


Most of us drive a car, but what do you do when you notice your tires need some air? Instead of having to drive it down to a gas station and putting money in an air machine, use your own air compressor that you have in your garage or home. Here are a few amazing things you can do with air compressors.

Fill Tires

As was mentioned previously, having an air compressor on hand can help you to keep your tires full. Tires that are low on air pressure can wear faster and cause damage to the tread. Buying new tires is much more expensive than buying an air compressor, so buying a compressor is definitely something to consider if it can help you to extend the life of your car tires.

Car tires aren’t the only kind of tires you can fill with a compressor. Using pressure instruments Ontario, you can safely fill smaller tires such as bike tires or sports balls.


If you have a large project coming up, like framing a basement or wanting to install some baseboards, using air compressor tools is one of the fastest and easiest ways to accomplish the job. Nail guns make putting together a wooden frame take mere seconds, wheras a hammer and nail can take minutes and hours, not to mention a lot of physical effort. Nail guns and other air compressor tools require an air compressor to function. Most air tools need at least 90 PSI to run correctly, so making sure to pick an air compressor that can do at least 90 PSI is important.

Professional builders and contractors all use air compressor tools as they make hard work much easier as the air allows the tool to do all of the hard work. So considering an air compressor is a good idea for your next project or build job.