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Know Some Features to Look for in Luxury Brands

A big number of brands that carry luxury fashions and accessories are using aggressive campaigns and promotions, and they are flooding our market today. It is observed that these luxury brands are budgeting a big amount in their finance reserves just to build the image of their brands, and for this reason, when these brands are sold in another area, even if coming from another country, they create a prestigious image for their brands in the market.

Brands can be noted to create cues for their consumers, and in turn, help the consumers to decide which brand would put them in a certain level of luxury with the others. Plus, the cues developed by these brands would have an impact on the level of consumption of their products in the market since there is a wider understanding about the brand.

Luxury consumption has brought a lot of interest among marketing scholars, especially there is little knowledge on how exactly consumer expectation can be optimized and controlled, and thus came up with management controlled factors like brand origin and brand image.

To have ideas on these management controlled factors can optimize consumer expectations, there are questions to be asked to gain knowledge, like what are the effects of branding cues such as brand origin and brand image on buying intentions, and if the developed and emerging markets will be impacted with these.

For management and marketing experts to decide whether it is worth the money or not to develop these wide range of luxury brands, knowing the answers to the above questions will be the key to the decision. Thus, by answering these questions, a company would be able to decide the how to standardize and make adaptations of these luxury brands in the intended market.

With the above goal in mind, there are studies conducted in some brand country origins that are structured quantitative survey.

According to the results from researches, the consumer intention to buy luxury brands would take the cues of the brand origin in the context of luxury purchase intentions and this is further because of the nature of the competition and the market. Thus there is an increasing information and exposure to the global luxury products by these mass markets since they get information from brand origin.

The next influencing factor is the brand image which according to research findings has a significant connection between the luxury brand and the personal influences. Also, it is found that consumers would choose a brand that is connected to the higher self and to that of the social group the consumer is associated with the brand image. Brand cues have proven the importance of brand building in luxury products.

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