What You Didn’t Know About Fire Hydrants

Even though you likely pass fire hydrants regularly on your daily walk or commute, you may be surprised by what you don’t know about them. Who is responsible for maintaining fire hydrants? Why are they painted the colors they are? Consider a few interesting and helpful facts about these life-saving water access points.

How They Work

Fire hydrants do not work quite like the faucets in your house. For one thing, water is not stored in the hydrant itself. Underground pipes contain the water hydrants use, but it only reaches the surface when a valve is turned. This valve is not like any household mechanism either, as it requires an uncommonly shaped tool to turn it. Both of these oddities have a purpose. Namely, it is vital that water does not freeze in the hydrant and that people cannot use it for non-emergency purposes.

Who Maintains Them

Another perhaps little-known fact about hydrants is that they are not all public. Private hydrants are mandated by government regulations, yet the property owner bears some responsibility in caring for them. While the city usually handles matters like fire flow testing, homeowners with private hydrants must do their part to keep the hydrants accessible. This includes cutting back vegetation and removing large obstructions from the area.

The Meaning Behind the Colors

A final interesting fact about fire hydrants is that they are not painted simply for visual appeal; those colors have meanings. Namely, the color of the top of a fire hydrant often indicates the water flow rate of that particular hydrant. The ubiquitous red hydrants you may see around your town actually have the lowest water flow rate.

It is easy to walk by something everyday and to allow it to become part of the background. Fire hydrants, however, are used to save lives and property and must be carefully maintained year after year.…

Different Ways To Cool Your Home

When the heat ramps up in the summer you want to have a working air conditioning system in your home. There are a variety of systems available to cool your home and choosing the right one will depend on your budget and your current cooling system.


A ductless ac Staten Island can be the way to go when you want more control over the cooling of individual rooms. If you’ve built an addition, a ductless unit can be used to cool the new area instead of running central air to that space. This type of system is used in hotels so each room can have its own temperature control.

Central Air

Central air is one of the most popular cooling systems. Air is cooled in a compressor and sent to the house through air ducts, while hot air is sent out through an exhaust. The temperature is controlled by a thermostat inside the house. This can be the most effective way to cool an entire house.


A portable air conditioning unit sits on the floor and can be moved from room to room. All it needs is an electrical outlet and a window nearby for it to work effectively. This type of unit is useful when you need to cool off a small area.


Window air conditioners are inexpensive but can be loud when running. They can be used to cool small spaces, so you will need more than one if you have a large home. Multiple people may be required to install a window unit because they are heavy.

Your home may already be equipped with an air conditioning system. If you need to upgrade or add additional units to your home, you can decide how much you want to spend. Knowing your budget will help you determine what system to install.…

How To Handle Termite Infestation

Have you recently noticed odd mud-like tubes on your walls? Are cracks appearing and paint chipping in unusual locations? These exterior signs could mean your home or business is infested with termites. If left unattended, these pests can prove quite problematic, harming the structure and turning the place into a hazard. Owners should immediately seek a Staten Island pest control service to control the issue and restore the premises. To eliminate the concern, people should follow these steps.

Talk to the Professionals

You cannot spray for termites and walk away. The insects are too hardy and could continue to survive. Work with specialists to determine the extent of the infestation. Have the interior and exterior examined for issues. The bugs are feasting on the cellulose in the building’s material. They do so silently; the problem may be larger than you think.

Prepare a Temporary Alternate Residence

You may want to stay somewhere else during treatment, permitting the pest control agency to kill the pests without your presence. This choice keeps you away from any chemical applications that may be used.

Know the Treatment Options

Depending on the severity of the contamination, you may have several options in front of you. The impacted area is likely to be sectioned off, creating a barrier between the uninhabited and inhabited locations. Employees may use termiticide chemicals to eliminate the termites from the property. Ask about which one is going to be used and why they use this formula. Also, check the EPA listing for approved treatments to ensure it fits within regulations.

Baits are another option. These devices may be paired with the chemical applications or used to draw out the bugs from home; thus, reducing the numbers.

Property owners may cringe at the thought of termites, but it doesn’t mean all is lost. There are methods to get the place back to normal. Talk with pest control services to learn about your options.…

3 Tips for People Who Hate Cleaning Gutters

It’s dirty, smelly and a little bit frightening. If climbing a ladder and scooping compost from your gutters makes you cringe, then you are in luck. There are some products that greatly reduce the amount of time you need to spend cleaning gutters. Before the weeds start growing along your roofline, look into these ways to make life easier.


Inserts work by being placed inside your rain gutters Shoreline. The insert could be foam or a round brush. These work by catching debris, like leaves and seeds, while allowing water to pass through to the bottom of the gutter. Rainwater can then easily run to the downspouts and the debris will sit on top of the insert. These systems are sold by the square foot and need to be replaced every couple of years. Inserts extend the time between cleanings but may need to be removed temporarily to clean effectively.


If you are planning on purchasing new gutters, then consider ones with a built-in hood. The metal hood hangs over the gutter and has a round edge. The round edge allows water to flow around the hood and into the gutter. However, everything else will stick on top or blow off. Hoods are more expensive than the other options, but they also tend to function better. Also, homes with gutter hoods can go the longest without cleaning. It is always a good idea to ask a professional about the best option for your home. Every location is different.


Caps attach directly to the top of the gutters. They are usually made from some type of metal or plastic mesh. These work the same way as inserts, in that they allow water to pass through while keeping debris on top of the gutter. Caps extend the time between gutter cleanings but may make cleaning more difficult. If debris builds up for too long, then the gutter cap may need to be removed to effectively clean out everything.…

3 Benefits of Retiring in Virginia

Choosing where to live after retirement is an incredibly important decision. While some people prefer to age at home, others want to take the chance to move to a new area once they no longer have work obligations. Virginia can be a lovely place to spend retirement, as the numerous medical centers, tax benefits and community activities can offer a safe, happy environment to live in.

1. City and Country Dwellings

Virginia has a charming mix of rural and urban settings. Whether someone desires Smithfield VA real estate, a place deep in the country, or in the heart of a bustling city, Virginia has something to offer. In many cases, the country is only a short drive away from the city, so residents of either area can take fun day trips to the neighboring area.

2. Financial Benefits

Retirees are eligible for many tax benefits when they live in Virginia. There are many exemptions in place regarding Social Security, income taxes and medications. Virginia has many different regions with housing available that is suitable for people with a variety of budget sizes. Combined with low property tax rates, retirees will likely be able to find someplace that is both affordable and attractive.

3. Events and Historical Sites

As one of the original 13 states, Virginia has a long and rich history. Anyone who is interested in history will find a treasure trove of museums, monuments and famous landmarks scattered throughout the state. Many communities have annual festivals and parades that attract crowds of all sizes, from small local gatherings to events that attract thousands of attendees.

Moving to a new area can be a wonderful way to begin retirement. Virginia offers many communities that can comfortably accommodate retirees, so it is a good idea to carefully consider all the options before making a choice, as well as think about what type of residence will be the best fit.…

Buying Custom Glass Shower Screens – How to Pick One that Suits Your Bathroom Size from the Variety of Options?

Be it a warm shower early on a winter morning or a cold one after an intense day of work on a Summer evening – showers never disappoint. They give us the physical and cerebral boost we need to feel fresh, re-energised, and reinvigorated. However, little do we know that every time we step into the shower, we run a risk of flooding the entire bathroom.

Overflowing water inside the shower can ruin bathrooms for weeks. No one wants to spoil their bathroom accessories because of overflooding. That’s why custom shower screens Sydney are so popular. Shower screens ensure our bathrooms stay free of risks like overflooding while looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Don’t have a clue about these shower screens? Don’t worry – here’s a detailed guide –

What are Shower Screens?

Bath shower screens are panels made of glass that prevent flooding inside the bathroom. Bathrooms that have combined bath and shower arrangements tend to suffer from overflooding the most. In the past, shower curtains were deemed adequate enough to protect the showers from external influences. However, privacy isn’t the only thing people need when they’re showering. The latest custom shower screens Sydney not only offer privacy, but they’re also easier to maintain than shower curtains that get dirty very easily.

Typically, shower screens are attached to the walls using a hinge-type mechanism. They can vary in thickness, design, and style. Essentially, you’ll be completely sealing off your shower space with these fixed structures. While taking a hot shower, all the steam and warmth will stay inside your shower space, providing you with superb warmth and comfort!

How are Custom Shower Screens Different? 

Custom shower screens are much different to pre-installed or pre-manufactured shower door kits.

  • Each glass piece is custom-designed based on your shower area’s dimensions.
  • Your ‘shower enclosure’ can be customised to accommodate structural oddities. For instance, if your shower has an unusual semi-circular design, you can get customised shower screens that perfectly suit this design.
  • Glass experts will help you get the finest customised shower screens. They’ll help you choose the perfect glass, hardware, design, etc. While shopping for pre-manufactured shower screens, you can’t expect such assistance.
  • The best sellers of custom shower screens Sydney have an extensive collection of glass and hardware choices. Mix and match from these options to get the look that you desire.

Unlike pre-manufactured shower screens, custom glass screens need to be installed by professional glass hardware experts. Hence, the scope of error is minimal.

While getting custom shower screens, homeowners have to shoulder a lot of responsibilities. That’s why they must – Explore Everything About Glass Shower Screens Before Buying One

The Need to Take Measurements and Create Floor Plans 

Right, getting custom glass shower screens i

sn’t easy, and if you want one, you need to start taking measurements of your bathroom as quickly as possible.

  • The space needed for your custom shower screen will correspond to the size of your general shower area (shower tray).
  • The number of sides your shower tray has will also impact the size of your custom shower screen. For instance, a shower enclosed on two sides will require a different type of shower screen than a shower enclosed on three sides.
  • Measure along every side of the shower tray.
  • Pay attention to the minutest dimensions. For shower walls that aren’t vertical, your installer will make some minor alterations during installation.
  • Measuring the enclosure space’s height is equally important, especially for shower trays that have low ceilings.

The more accurate these measurements, the more perfect your shower screens will fit.

Different Types of Screens 

While shopping for custom shower screens Sydney, you’ll have to pick from different types of screens –

  • Single Panel Shower Screens – Made of a single pane of glass, these shower screens usually come with hinged doors. Single panel screens are easy to maintain as there are hardly any nooks or crannies inviting muck or residue to build-up in. These screens are ideal for bathrooms with a minimalistic design, especially if you opt for frameless designs.
  • Double Panel Shower Screens – Double panel shower screens typically have a hinge at their centres, meaning they can be opened in two or more ways. Large bathrooms or bathrooms that have large or super-long bathtubs can get additional ‘splash protection’ with double panel shower screens.
  • Foldable Shower Screens – Push or fold these shower screens into narrow forms, when not using them. They’re ideal for small bathroom spaces where having a fixed pane of glass 24×7 isn’t practical.

Read Where Can You Install the Custom Shower Screens? – to know more about the application of these different types of shower screens.

What Material Should I Choose? 

Glass is the most-used material in shower screens. However, the type of glass you …