Why You Should Have Your Well Water Tested

Having clean drinking water is essential to the health of you and your family. If you live in a rural area where your water comes from a well, it is important to have the well tested on a regular basis by a professional testing corporation. Here are a few reasons why you need to do this.

What Testing Can Find

When you schedule water testing pittsburgh, the company you hire will be looking for the bacteria that can make you and your family ill. They will be analyzing samples in search of coliform bacteria, sulfates, nitrates, ions, fluoride, and total dissolved solids. They will also check to see if the possible runoff of pesticides from farm fields have tainted the supply and added poisons to it. These bacteria are invisible and can infect your water at any time. If there is any change in taste or smell you should certainly have it inspected right away.

Getting Your Water Tested

When you are ready to get your well tested, you need to contact a testing corporation to do this. Your local community or state health department can recommend a few firms to you. Once the appointment is made, they will come and take samples of the water for testing. They will contact you when they have the results so you can proceed to purify your water if they find something. You might have to contact a professional to help you clean up your water if the tests indicate any sort of health risk. You should have the testing company come out to check your well at least once a year and even more often if the well is shallow. If you have a young child, elderly person, or anyone with health issues, you should have it inspected more than once a year.…

Update Your Kitchen to Increase Your Home’s Value in Texas

Almost everybody agrees that the heart of the home is the kitchen. If you aren’t able to remodel your entire, it is worth focusing your energy in this room of the house to produce the most resale value. What are some updates most people look for?


Laminate or tile countertops no longer cut it in today’s housing market. People consistently look for granite countertops when buying a home. A seller like granite countertops lewisville tx can measure your space and give you an estimate. If your budget doesn’t quite cut it, materials like quartz or bamboo are also trendy and acceptable to most young buyers. Just don’t use marble- even though it looks great, it’s very high maintenance and porous.


Old or outdated appliances will catch the eye of a prospective buyer right away. Even if they still work great, if they aren’t stainless steel or modern-looking you are most likely to have a negative reaction from people touring your home. It could be a worthwhile investment to replace them. You can always donate your old appliances if they are still in good working condition, or bring them with you to your next home.


It is common for older homes to have closed in kitchens. For today’s buyers, one of the most important layout features of a home is how open it is. This is known as the “open concept“. If you have the time, knocking down unnecessary walls adds a huge amount of value to your property. People are looking for sight-lines to other living areas of the home while they are working in the kitchen. While you’re at it, add an island into the newly opened space.

Open and modern are the two most important concepts to keep in mind when updating your kitchen. Knocking down walls may not be an option for everyone, but you can still make changes that give the illusion of this aesthetic.…